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Essex County Juvenile Detention Center1 min read

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For the first time, the UBB ministry in New Jersey held a meeting with young men and women in the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center’s library. The Essex County Correctional facility is an organization with many divisions and sub-divisions with three types of inmate housing facilities. The Division of Youth Services provides many services to rehabilitate detained youths such as; educational studies, and mentoring programs.

On April, 27th the UBB took Essex County Juvenile Detention Center where a total of 14 inmates were present. Pastor Thiago Pacheco together with UBB volunteers; men and women, joined this special meeting and prayed for each and everyone who was present. The female volunteers prayed for the women and the male volunteers for the young men. It was evident that many young men and women were depressed, however, after the prayers their expressions changed. They enjoyed the testimonies that were shown and surrendered their life to Jesus. The work of UBB will continue to help correctional facilities, and even their staff, in order to promote positive change, like in Essex County Juvenile Detention Center.

Next time we will have more units together and on the month of May, we will be entering in prison here in NJ. God bless this work.  – Tiago Pacheco

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