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Feel Like You’re Running in Circles?1 min read

Many people are always dealing with the same problems. They live in a cycle of problems in their financial life, in their health, in their family, in their love and spiritual life. And for a while, they even see a certain improvement. But, a short time later, everything seems to get worse.
And why does this happen? Bishop Renato explained that many do not understand that until they solve the root of the problems, they will always come back and even worse.

There is only one way to break the cycle of repetition of failures. “It is necessary to understand that in every problem there is a cause. The reason why you got where you got to, what brought this problem, and all the others. When you do this, then, you start using intelligent faith to solve life, and not just the problem,” explained the Bishop.
So, evaluate what you have insisted on doing wrong before God. Stop waiting for things to happen as if by magic, because this is not how God works, but with the Word.

“The Word of God shows you where you are going wrong. It confronts and gets you out of sin. Start to give credit to that, then, you will solve the root, not only of the problems that afflict you today but of all the others that you do not even imagine”, he stressed.
Only by living in the practice of the Word will you be able to put it to the test and break all the cycles of defeat that persist in your life.

Feel like you’re running in circles?

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  • Bishop Renato 

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