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Enslaved to a substance3 min read

Disfigure by Two Drug Overdoses

Married and father of one daughter, Rogério had a barbershop with which he supported his family. He had been a member of the Universal Church since the age of 16 and had volunteered for the church. But little by little, he was moving away from the Presence of God. “Even after getting married and having a daughter. I wanted to live a single life. I tried to return to His presence several times. But I threw everything in the trash to live in the world because I didn’t prioritize the Holy Spirit.”

Rogério already consumed alcoholic beverages and decided to try marijuana. “One drug leads to another. I used everything at the same time: alcohol, marijuana, crack, cocaine, etc. The barbershop was closed rather than open and friends and customers drifted away. I started stealing money from my wife and daughter to support my addiction.”Enslaved to a substance

He overdosed twice and started to get disfigured. He weighed 45 kilos. “Once I jumped from the third floor of my house just to go a crack house and then spent three days sleeping. I also attempted suicide: I took a pack of anti-anxiety medication with various drugs and blacked out. My wife helped me with the help of neighbors. They had to pump my stomach at the hospital.”

His wife, Silvânia, was already taking him to the deliverance meetings in the church but she understood that she would have to fight in another way. “She participated in the purpose of faith. One day, when I said I was leaving home, she took everything we had – furniture, refrigerator, television, bed – sold it and sacrificed at the Altar, asking for my cure”, recalls Rogério.

That weekend, he went to the barbershop to get high. “Before, I asked God for help with all my strength. Then I tried to light the cigarette, but it mysteriously fell apart; when I went to use cocaine – when I say it sounds funny – I blew instead of snorting. I managed to light a crack, but when I inhaled, it did not affect.” Silvânia says that, two days later, Rogério returned home asking for forgiveness: “The first sign of healing

I noticed was seeing that, even in abstinence, there was no convulsion or nervousness. He also asked for a job at the factory where my daughter worked. She was a little scared but decided to talk to the boss who told her: ‘I believe that God can change him. So he started working at the factory and with haircuts on the weekends.” Rogério also sacrificed the barbershop and a car at the Altar to free himself. I was a slave and a slave has no voice, no domain, no right.

I thought it would be impossible to resocialize and live away from drugs, but given everything I’ve learned, I say that addiction is curable. Today, I go to the streets to help people who suffer as I suffered and no longer feel like using drugs. I feel disgusted with them because I know that addiction is an evil spirit that can be uprooted by Faith.”

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