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Emptiness: the black hole of the spirit2 min read

Emptiness: the black hole of the spirit2 min read


You had a lot of fun, were surrounded by friends, your favorite music, and drinks. Yes, tonight you cry yourself to sleep; you feel alone and empty and don’t understand why.




shutterstock_439120651Your partner loves you, but you feel unhappy as if something is missing. You wonder if this person is the right one for you. Their love just doesn’t seem to be enough anymore.




photo_2016-11-21_17-20-32Success, money, women, you name it! You have all, including the depression that never wears out. No one knows it. Money buys many things, but not the peace you want.




photo_2016-11-21_17-20-39You fought hard for your dreams, and now they’re a reality. However, you are still empty and alone. You resort to drugs because you have the added pressure to maintain your success.




photo_2016-12-08_15-51-29Did any of these scenarios relate to you?

Perhaps, your situation differs, but the tormenting feeling of emptiness remains the same. You think to yourself, “If I only get this that I want so much, then I’ll be happy.” Time passes by, and you finally get what you desired, but that emptiness continues and now stronger than before. What could it be?

In the universe, a black hole absorbs anything on its way, but none of these things return or fill its void. In the human life, there is also an emptiness that nothing human or material can quench. The feeling of emptiness is just the result of the reality that physical eyes cannot see. The human life consists not only of the body and mind but also of the soul and spirit. What cares and nurtures the body cannot nurture the spirit. Nothing human or material can provide for our spiritual life. When this part is unattended, a consuming emptiness takes over.

Many resort to drugs, to friends, relationships, money, dreams, career, and even humanitarian causes, but inside they feel lonely and empty. The reason being that only God’s presence and His word can quench your spirit and give you the peace and foundation you desperately need for your life. It’s not about religion or church, no! It is a necessity of your spirit to connect with God regardless of religion.

According to Bishop Macedo, “The human spirit is the base of the body and the soul in the same way that the foundation is the base of a house. If the spirit is well founded on the Word of God, then the soul and the body will have the support to develop fully, each one receiving its own food.”

If you desire to stop neglecting your spirit and finally fill that void inside of you, then join us this coming Sunday at 10 am at The Universal Church near you.


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