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Domestic Violence2 min read

"He Was Going To Set the House on Fire With Me Inside"

Life Story of Alessandra

Fights and physical aggressions were already
aggressions until she decided to report her husband. “I was determined to split up. I went to the police station, reported him, and even looked for a lawyer.”Domestic Violence
She says that her husband then asked for forgiveness and said that he was determined to give up alcohol and to stop acting violently. “I also couldn’t stand living in the middle of that situation and making my family suffer”, says Amilton (husband). The two no longer lived in the same house and she stayed away from him at first. “He started attending ‘The Love Therapy’ in the Universal Church and I started to see changes,” she says.

After a while, the two started talking again, but this time with respect and clear rules. “We talked and I put the conditions for him: that I didn’t want any more alcohol or fights.” The couple guarantees that they have never faced situations of verbal or physical violence again. “There has to be a desire and let go of pride and prejudice”, concludes Amilton. In addition to reconciliation, peace between the two also provides a safe environment for the couple’s three children, who will have the opportunity to grow without further trauma.

Verbal abuse, fights, and aggressions…

Life Story of Nadia & Rodrigo

The couple Nadia and Rodrigo say they lived a period of violence at home. The situation only changed when the two discovered the importance of mutual respect. “We faced verbal violence, there was often disrespect,” she says. “We didn’t have conversations, instead we had fights and aggressions”, he adds. Rodrigo says that the two “lived like brothers” and he ended up cheating on his wife.

Nadia, in turn, explains that she also betrayed her husband, which generated even more Domestic Violencediscussions. “The situation was critical when he got home and said he was going to set the house on fire with me inside. That’s when I prayed to God and asked him to be calm,” she says.

After this situation, Nadia and Rodrigo explain that they decided to seek help
at the “The Love Therapy” meetings, which take place on Thursdays, at the Universal Church. “In the lectures, we learned that we must respect ourselves and put God first in our lives, valuing ourselves and then our partner”, she concludes.

“When he got home and said he was going to set the house on fire with me inside.”

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