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You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting – Daniel 5:27

There are many cases that can be solved by men, but what if no law can attend your needs. Many injustices that people face can only be solved with divine intervenience; Divine Justice.

These injustices can be in your personal life for example; your family, your love life and even your health whether it be physical or mental.

Before demanding a request for divine justice, you must make a quick evaluation of your recent actions. Have you been just towards others? Are you faithful to God? Imagine going to a court case knowing you are at guilt in many areas, the outcome most likely will not be in your favor.

Are you facing the following injustices?
• Doctors say there is no cure
• You are not able to pay bills
• Hatred amongst your family
• Multiple failed relationships
• You have no peace

When happens when you receive divine justice?
• Heal from an incurable disease
• You Prosper
• There is love and harmony in your family
• Your marriage is blessed
• You have inner peace and joy

Nothing happens automatic, present your case before God, let your evidence be your faith and the court will be the Altar.

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