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Faith and your Financial Life1 min read

Faith and your Financial Life1 min read

The city of New York, in the United States, faces a wave of suicides of taxi drivers. After the transport apps exploded, they began to find it increasingly difficult to get races. Subsequently, for many, came the debts, financial problems and difficulty of earning a living.

Only in 2018 were eight cases of taxi drivers killed. The most recent was that of Roy Kim, a Korean, 58. He hanged himself with a belt in November of last year. Another shocking case was that of Douglas Schifter, who shot himself with a shotgun in front of the town hall in February.

Reacting well

Everyone goes through moments of extreme difficulty or pressure. Unfortunately, some people get carried away and take drastic action like that. The difference lies in having faith in activity, which is the weapon used by those who trust in the Lord to overcome any situation.

In committing suicide, these men showed that they placed their expectation on man or government. This is a big mistake because the human being is limited and flawed. Do not put your faith in anything or anyone. In no person, institution or achievements, because all this passes. If you lean on them, you will be disappointed and discouraged. It has to be 100% in the Word of God, which does not fail.

Be of good cheer, seek the Lord Jesus and trust in His Word. Only then will you be able to go through the difficulties, face the pressure and still be with your head up, believing and with faith in the high.

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