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Depressed and Physically Ill1 min read

Jaqueline's Story

I was depressed and physically ill – Jaqueline's StoryI was very depressed. Because of that depression, I was drinking. I used to drink before but not as much as when I got depressed. I got really sick and was admitted several times to different emergency rooms. They didn’t find much and just told me it’s my blood pressure, but I was actually passing out.

It happened for a week or so; then someone took me to a witch doctor, who told me to burn candles, which I did. After doing so, I became very fearful inside my home. I continued blacking out without knowing the reason.

One time, I was sitting in my living room, and I saw the TV program of The Universal Church. Then I said, “Let me call to see if I could get help.” When I called, they counseled me on the phone. I told them I saw the logo of the church when commuting to work.

I went to the church and started my Chains of Prayer. After learning how to use my faith and going to church on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I started getting better than I was before.
It didn’t take time for me to get baptized because I understood that I need God.

I learned about the Holy Spirit, and I sought Him. After receiving the Holy Spirit, there was no more crying, no more depression. He is the Comforter, and He helps me overcome my problems.

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