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Results of trauma and neglect2 min read

Results of trauma and neglect2 min read

According to, about 1 in 10 children in TX will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday which equals to 740,000 in Texas. 

Abuse during an early age whether sexual, verbal, psychological or a case of extreme negligence can have long-term for the victim. The past trauma will have an extreme impact on how the victim builds future relationships. It is common to develop difficulty identifying, expressing, and managing emotions.

One of the many consequences of past trauma can be Dissociative identity disorder (DID). It’s a diagnostic given to people who have multiple personalities. According to a professor of psychology at Towson University, there are several reasons why a person might have DID; Trauma, child abuse, and neglect. Someone with (DID) will forget some aspects of the incident but will recover memories. One case of (DID) is a woman that has 100 personalities; Kim Noble. Although this is an extreme case, her disorder was due to a past of extreme and repeated abuse. She initially refused the diagnostic of (DID) but after six years of therapy, she accepted the diagnostic. This is just one example from thousands of cases. 


When the perpetrator is someone in the family, the victim will blame themselves. 

* If you don’t agree, it was sexual abuse.
* It’s a crime
* If you were intoxicated it’s not your fault
* Emotional pressure is just as bad as physical force
* Let someone know, they WILL believe you!
* You CAN have a happy life. 

Through an unconventional yet effective method, many have overcome past experiences. However, after many failed attempts of change they did not accept their diagnostic. 

Why is this? By all means, if you have received instructions by your doctor you must do it. Now, in addition to your treatment, allow your faith to come into works. As soon as you do this, you refuse to label yourself as “Depressed” “Addict” and so on. 

 Do you or a loved one experience the following: 

• Extreme depression
• Anger
• Fear
• Insomnia
• Self-blame/ Self-harm including suicidality
• Anxiety
• Parenting difficulties
• Personality Disorders 

Become one of the many people who has accomplished inner healing by using their faith.
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