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Being young is being a visionary2 min read

Today’s generation of young people is attached to their cell phones and Facebook pages, investing hundreds of hours in social media and sharing many moments of their lives with complete strangers. Yes, this generation of youths is very different from the one of twenty or thirty years ago. Some may even argue that today’s children are maturing faster than they should and that they are doing outrageous things far beyond their age. These arguments are not far from the truth.

From the age of 12, many children are already at risk of being involved in gangs. Many young and intelligent girls with bright futures have put their lives on hold because of one wrong decision. The Youth Power Group (YPG) was created to change the life course of many lost youths.

For decades, the YPG has helped millions of young people throughout the world. Its goal is to reach young people who are lost in drugs, addictions, crimes, who suffer from an inner void and who do not have a positive outlook on life. For this reason, the group develops various cultural, social, physical and spiritual activities, providing guidance and enjoyment to young people. The YPG often organizes sports tournaments, music concerts, competitions, and other events based on issues relevant to the youths, making them aware that  “being young is being visionary” (the main motto of the group).

There have been young people who walked into the YPG meetings all across the globe with addictions, facing family problems, with low self-esteem and depression, and through the guidance and care of the YPG volunteers, they got a fresh start before it was too late.

On July 26, the Youth Power Group of New York received a special consecration. All youths were anointed with the holy oil for courage and strength. A special prayer was made for each young person to live a happy and fulfilled life and to be used by God to reach many others. The YPG is the new generation that makes a difference; they have the great responsibility of setting the example and causing a positive change in the world around them.

Come join us this Sunday for our next YPG meeting.



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