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Also known as2 min read

Also known as2 min read

  alsoknownas_coverYou have your name as Peter, Mary, John, Jonas, David, Juan, etc. However, you are also known as some label because of your past failures or because of the problems that you have. Society and the people around you have labeled you as a single mother or as an unemployed person. When they refer to you, they label you as a sick person, as a drug dealer, a beggar, a poor person. However, God wants to change your name. Abraham was also known as Abram, an ordinary name; however, when he built the altar, God made his name known as it is today.

“No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham; for I have made you a father of many nations.” Genesis 17:5

He was known as Abram, a childless man, but Abraham is known as the father of Isaac and the father of many nations. God will provide for you a new name, a new life, a new story. He is going to remove this label from you and give you a new name. No situation is too far gone for Him. No person is too lost that He cannot transform, as long as there is a desire in them to seek Him and to fight for a change in their life. Regardless of the label that you have carried, you do not have to accept it anymore! You have the power to create your future through your faith. The God of Abraham is not dead! He is real and will change your situation around. The only way for you to find this out for yourself is by learning to use your faith to put His words in practice. We are here to help guide you along the way.

Join us this Sunday at 10 am for the transformation of your life. Bring your loved ones because a family that prays together stays together.

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