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Addictions, abuse and suicidal thoughts4 min read

Addictions, abuse and suicidal thoughts4 min read

My name is Andrea, and before, my life was absolute hell…

I was a drug addict, an unfit mother, and I was suicidal. One time I attempted suicide by taking one bottle of sleeping pills from my grandmother. All I remember was waking up in the hospital.

I began smoking cigarettes at an early age because I thought it was “cool”.  Cigarettes lead to alcohol, and before you know it I was drinking underage, smoking and going out daily. The alcohol was no longer giving me the amount of high I was looking for. I decided to smoke marijuana and then cocaine. We will have a ‘mixer’; breaking pills and mix them with marijuana and smoke it for a greater high.Addictions, abuse and suicidal thoughts

The worst result of being in this lifestyle was being unfit to take care of my children. My mother was taking care of my son and he didn’t want anything to do with me. He told me “mom all you do is drink, smoke and go out” and I remember that day like it was today. I had no financial life. I chose drugs over everything; home, family, son, and my self. I didn’t have money for anything.

Love life

Addictions, abuse and suicidal thoughtsAs long as my then husband had drugs, we were okay. That’s all we cared for. Whenever drugs were not around, we would start to fight. “I know many couples relate to this when your partying drinking your relationship is on top and when you don’t, all the fights and abuse start to happen, whether it’s physical, emotional or sexual”.

I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, I couldn’t sleep and had constant nightmares. When you can’t sleep you can’t function appropriately.

I only had a high school diploma. I didn’t place employment as a priority since you are required to take a drug test and I didn’t leave the drugs.

In order to overcome this life we need God, God is the only one that can help us.I came to the church and all I wanted to do is sleep. During this time and I hadn’t had a good sleep in years. After the pastor said I was going to have a good sleep that night, I didn’t believe. I had insomnia, I knew I wasn’t going to sleep, but I did.

I became strong enough to break the relationship, and care for my children. God gave me the strength to become a mother and to be an example. They type of mother a child would want to have. The kids and I are always out in outing doing things together enjoying ourselves as a family.

Addictions, abuse and suicidal thoughtsI remarried to the man I should have waited for this entire time. God sent him my way whenever I was ready to receive that blessing. In order to have a relationship that you want to have, you have to be ready for the blessing. He is an amazing husband and most importantly he’s a man of God. I have a complete marriage. When I speak to ladies that it must be a man of God.

I’m no longer going through evictions. As a matter of fact, I am looking into getting a new place. I have obtained a degree in criminal justice in criminal law.  I work in the courts of Chigaco. I purchased a car to pay off in five years, and I paid it off in a year. My children spend every summer overseas no matter what. I’m able to travel and have my
own place.Addictions, abuse and suicidal thoughts

I help woman speak on issues regarding domestic violence. I do programming with ticket master.

My kids say I’m the best mom and want me close to them all the time. I’m no longer in an abusive relationship. I’m happy to report addictions are not a part of my life, and all with the help of the Holy Spirit.

All these blessings could not have happened without the Holy Spirit.
Everything in my life is guided by the Holy Spirit; financial life, marriage, and my family. I’m a good mother because the gift of the Holy Spirit gives me the patience to be a good mother. And most importantly is my salvation, because I know I’ll see Jesus Christ one day.

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