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A Woman of Supernatural Faith2 min read


Many people have fallen into the habit of only thinking about their present; the job they have, how many kids they want, how many likes their las Instagram post got, but they forget that this life is only temporary. This is wasn’t the case for Mrs. Joyce Clarke Everett. She dedicated her life to serving God for almost four decades. On Wednesday September 11th members, volunteers and youth of The Universal Church came together, not to mourn her death, but to celebrate her life of supernatural faith.

Her life was a true example of a servant, she faced trials, persecutions and had problems of her own but always make time to rescue the souls of others who were lost. After all, those who are saved can save others. Unfortunately, not all are as fortunate as Mama Joyce (as those called her who cared for her.) Many have been deceived by the misconception of “once saved, always saved.” How many have heard that when you have surrendered your life to God ONCE, then you can go on living as you wish? This is false! Let us not be deceived. If there is one thing we can learn from Mama Joyce, it’s that salvation is an ongoing commitment. She never allowed rain, snow, or her age, to slow down her faith. However, how many give up for the smallest of things?Mama Joyce

Hopping from church to church, searching for the “right” environment? The best environment you can find is the one that brings you close to your salvation. From the moment we are born, we stand in line, waiting for death. As morbid as it may sound, it is the truth. We grow older, no matter race, social stature, belief, we are all headed to the same end, but for few, the end will be the beginning of glory. For others who did not run the race of faith, sadly, they are headed for a life of eternal misery. This is what differs the servants of God. Mama Joyce was honored; she fought the good fights and finished the race. She kept her faith.

A Woman of Supernatural Faith

Mama Joyce in church in BrooklynMama Joyce started attending the church in Brooklyn. She was the first assistant four decades, Mama Joyce was an active member of the Evangelism team that went out to the streets to spread the good news. Conducting countless hospital and home visits and ministering to thousands who she prayed for on the prayer line.
“She ran her spiritual race like no other. Her legendary faithfulness to God was unparalleled to nobody.” – Words from her loved ones.



Bishop Edir Macedo“Lazurus went to Abraham’s bosom,
but now she is in the bosom of our Lord Jesus.”

-Bishop Edir Macedo
(Founder of The Universal Church )



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