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A Silent Cry for Help2 min read

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I came from a broken home. My dad was physically and mentally abusive. I started to have depression when I was 13. I went to the doctor but he only gave me antidepressants. It just made me even worse because it only made me sleep.A Silent Cry for Help

After I graduated high school, I was kicked out of the house. During those years, my drinking got worse. I started living in my car. I went to different parks. One night, someone forced his way into my car and sexually abused me. That time I felt like I was trash. I lost my sense of value.

I didn’t like myself before and after the incident. The thoughts of wanting to kill myself after. Then, I started to hate men. I wanted to get revenge. Because of the pain, I started cutting myself.

I had a coworker who was a member of the Universal Church. She knew the problems I was going through. For some reason, I felt that I can open up to her and she introduced me to the church. I went with her to the service and I was introduced to the pastor.

Right there and then I thought, “Oh no, he’s a man. I’ll have bad eyes.” But he had that assurance and he said that he will guide me and help me. He told me that I had to let go and forgive the man who abused me. It was difficult for me then. But onetime I was in front of the altar, I had to let go of all the pain and hurt inside. I had to forgive the person who hurt me so I can be free. And I said those words, “I forgive you.”

SELF-HARM That moment was really hard, but after I felt the weight I was carrying was gone. When I heard about the Holy Spirit, it was a week after I was released from that burden. I sought for the Holy Spirit and in one of the vigils, I finally received Him. I went up on the Altar and I told God, “I had given you my all. It’s all or nothing.” I had this sense of peace, that He will never leave me. Even people who knew me saw the change.

Today I’m living with my parents again. There’s peace in our home. After receiving the Holy Spirit, I wanted to win souls. I wanted to tell those who are suffering that there’s a way out and that they don’t need to live in that darkness. 

There’s someone who helped and believed in me and they can be helped too.

– Evelyn

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