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A Revolution in Tanzania2 min read

The Universal Church arrived in Tanzania, Africa, in 1998, and since then it has been working strongly so that each person, regardless of the circumstances they are facing, can use their faith in an intelligent way to overcome their problems and become stronger people.

The Sunday of Revolution took place on May 17th of this year and united 2.7 thousand people on the piece of land where the first Cathedral of The Universal Church will be built. The Evangelism Group went to the streets inviting each person and broadcasting about the event with the help of a sound car. Pastor Luiz Cesar de Souza, responsible for the work of the church in the country, reveals from where he drew inspiration for the event: “The Sunday of Revolution was born out of the revolt of seeing so many people suffering, while they are blind to the causer of their suffering. So we took this proposal to the streets, and they accepted it.”

The success of this event renewed the strength of the volunteers of the church, who work to help the people of the country to believe and seek for a better future.

How the church works in Tanzania

Due to it being a muslim country, the church faces much persecution and discrimination. Those who decide to follow Jesus are abused by their own families and are looked down within the community. “This is the greatest challenge the church faces,” explains Pastor Luiz. “Many are brutally beaten by their family members, some are expelled from home, wives are burnt with cigarettes, but even so, many persevere in the faith.”

A few years ago, the church won the right to pronounce the name of Jesus in the local radio, which meant a great victory. Along with the radio program, the Evangelism Group works strongly speaking to people one-on-one, visiting hospitals that care for lepers and reaching out to the albinos, who are persecuted in the country due to a belief that sacrificing them brings good luck. This work and dedication has caused a change in the country, one person at a time.

Antonia Lekule, a 62-year-old nurse, is one of those who had their lives transformed. She explains that her family was constantly plagued by diseases, they did not see their work pay off and lived in misery.

She says, “At The Universal Church, I learned that my life could change. I learned to use my faith and trust in the word that said that there would be no needy among us. That life of misery turned into a blessed life. Today I am healed, I have my own business, and I see that God’s promise has been fulfilled in my life.”

Take a look at the pictures of this special work in Tanzania. If you would like to learn more about upcoming projects and events, please visit The Universal Church near you and speak with a pastor.

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