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UCAN Tour 2017

If you are facing any of these problems or situations, the U CAN Event is for you!

• Doctors lost hope for your case.
• You suffer from spiritual oppression and paranormal experiences.
• You battle depression and suicidal thoughts.
• Your home is filled with arguments and fights and your marriage is on the brink of divorce.
• You are trying to stop an addiction but to no avail.
• You have many debts and cannot pay; you struggle financially and depend on others to survive.
• You gave up on your dreams and goals in life because of the circumstances.
• You are slowly losing everything, home, family, job, even yourself. Your children hate you and you feel alone.
• You are ready for a life transformation and to experience personally God’s miracles and greatness in your life!

You can overcome your problems, fight for your dreams and become successful. Do not miss this great opportunity to change your life.

With guest speaker Bishop Bira Fonseca, host of the Stop Suffering program on BET.

Watch the videos below for updates of the event:


Come and bring your family and friends t0this life-changing event at the Brooklyn College – Whitman Hall on January 29th at 10 am. Seating is limited. Make your free reservation today. Call us now 1-888-332-4141

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