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A ‘Do-Over’ Anyone?4 min read

Three Reasons Why You Should Start the Year 2021 in the House of God

New Year's Eve Night Vigil LIVE – Universal Living Faith Network

The year 2020 has indeed been a handful. Millions of Americans across the nation have lost so much this year. If all you want is a ‘do-over’ for 2021, with God’s help this is a real possibility. With God’s help, you can make 2021 the best year of your life.

Here are 3 reasons why you should start the year 2021 in the House of God:

1. By putting God first, He will bless all the reminder days of 2021 for you.

2. You spent new year’s eve in the club or at a party last year, and this year has been a disaster for you.

3. Something inside you knows there is a God, and deep down, you want to get right with Him while you still have a chance.

For those unable to physically attend this special event at The Universal Church, the night vigil will also be broadcasted LIVE at 10 PM CST through the 24/7 live stream of the Universal Living Faith Network.


29-year-old Adam: "This Time, I Chose God Over the Drinks"“This Time, I Chose God Over the Drinks”

Along with alcohol addictions, Adam was addicted to pornography. Porn is the fastest growing addiction in our country and the most hidden. See how Adam was able to break free:

Adam partying and drinking. "This Time, I Chose God Over the Drinks"I can’t really complain about my childhood. For the most part, I came from a seemingly ‘normal’ family. Growing up, I would go out, partying and drinking, and I eventually got hooked. I would have ‘fun’ at the moment, or at least that’s what I thought, but none of the drinks or parties would fill that void that I felt deep inside of me. It was a feeling of sadness, an intense sadness that I did not understand. 

It was around this time that I went into the world of pornography. Even though I was dating someone who is now my wife, I couldn’t seem to break free from porn addiction. I was depressed and knew I needed a real solution.

My mother in law invited me to The Universal Church, and it was through this ministry that I was finally set free. Now, I am happily married, the depression is gone, and so are the addictions. Today, I choose God over the drinks any day of the week!



Joy Taylor's Story: "I Was a Believer, but I Felt So Detached From God and Suicidal"“I Was a Believer, but I Felt So Detached From God and Suicidal”

According to recent studies, over 12% of the entire world population, over 800 million people, suffers from at least one type of mental illness. Joy Taylor was a believer under attack, believing in God yet suffering from depression.

Around this time last year, I was depressed. I am a believer, but I felt so alone as if God was so far away from me. I was filled with fear and couldn’t sleep at night, and talking to my family simply did not help me – it was as if they were hearing me, but they did not truly understand what I was going through inside of me. This depression got so severe that I did not know what to do anymore. It was then that I thought of ways to take my own life…

I reached such a low point in my faith, and I needed help. It was at this time that I saw this ministry on television. By coming here, God set me free from depression and suicidal thoughts. Today, I no longer have fear nor insomnia. God also restored my family and revived my faith. I choose to spend all my New Year’s Eves in God’s House!



Ana's Story: "I Was Sick on My Death Bed and Had No Idea Why"“I Was Sick on My Death Bed and Had No Idea Why”

What happened in the life of Ana and her husband was nothing short of a horror story. Newlywed, succeeding financially, blessings all around – but out of nowhere, losing it all and fast! See how Ana was able to bounce back from all these evil attacks, only through the power of God: 

It felt like my worst nightmare… We went from being multi-business owners, owning our own home and succeeding financially, to losing it all practically overnight. Soon after, my health declined with no explanation. I was dying, and no medication could save me. 

We found this ministry and decided to give our all to God. We knew that to see a radical change, we needed to do something radical. After using our faith, God restored our lives. He restored my health, healing me from asthma and the virus in my stomach. God also blessed us with our own home, a successful business, cars, and financial stability. We owe God our lives and will break into 2021 in His House!

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