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7 things NOT TO DO1 min read

7 things NOT TO DO1 min read

7 things NOT TO DO when seeking the Holy Spirit

1) Do not remain in silence  You are not sending God any signals that you are seeking
2) Do not whisper – Do your best, and don’t worry who is next to you.
3) Do not open your eyes  – You will lose your focus.
4) Being out of it – When you’re not participating, it shows that His Spirit is not important.
5) Turn off your cell phone Avoid any unnecessary distractions
6) Don’t let others become a distraction to you  If they are truly bothering you, move somewhere else where you will be able to concentrate.
7) Avoid praying for other things such as Family, financial blessings, and health. Only concentrate on seeking the Holy Spirit and only Him. Avoid worrying about other things.

When you receive the Holy Spirit, are you prepared to do His will?


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