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12 Meetings to become a Mother of Faith2 min read

12 Meetings to become a Mother of Faith2 min read

12 Meetings to become a Mother of FaithIt was the last meeting of the year, and mothers across the country took the time to look back at what they had learned about themselves, their children, and their faith. With only a few weeks left in 2019, it was used as a moment of reflection.

Upon the birth of a child, there are lessons on changing a diaper, nourishing a baby and becoming closer through touch and attention.

What about when that baby becomes a teenager or becomes rebellious and is no longer in your control?

The ‘School for Mothers’ was created to transform the way moms look at their children. A mother wants nothing but the best for her child and at times that desire fuels the idea that in order for this to happen, it has to be as they say; “my way or the highway”. The older kids get, the more they seem to lean towards choosing the highway over mom’s way, and this is why mothers are taught a new, faith-based way of communicating and growing together with their children.

The year was filled with lessons. In January they learned about resolutions vs. reality, in June well- adjusted parents, well raised children and so on. It was a year of new challenges and new steps for the mothers. In states like Texas, New York, Florida, California, and wherever there was a Universal Church, mothers were learning how to improve themselves as mothers and as women. There are volunteers ready and willing to help every mother that joins. The volunteers dedicate themselves to helping mothers just as they have been helped. They are mothers, daughters, and women of faith who strengthen their relationships through faith.

12 Meetings to become a Mother of FaithNo matter the age of a child, whether he or she is an adult with children of their own or just entering this world, there is always something new that a mother can learn. A mother is the beginning of everything for her child so its better to be equipped and help them every step of the way.

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