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50 countries and 13,489 Baptisms!1 min read

13,489 Baptisms

The Universal Beyond Bars (UBB) known as UNP in other countries has been reaching men and women behind bars for over thirty years.

Over the decades, this group has been growing; new volunteers have arrived and today, more than 14,000 men and women are part of the Universal Beyond Bars program. The volunteers visit prison facilities for men and women throughout the country and in various parts of the world.

On March 30th, the UBB was present in 50 countries and held a collective baptism inside prison facilities. On this day more than 13,000 offenders were baptized, where they allied with Jesus to start a new life.

During these three decades, thousands of prisoners have been reached and baptized in water. Many, have already reached freedom and voluntarily are now part of the group, returning to the same prisons in which they were jailed to bring the same Word they received and who was responsible for the change in their lives.

Universal beyond bars

Weekdays 9pm-10pm on iHope Radio

The work also spreads through an evangelistic program that reaches the prison population, which is the “Momento do Inácio,” broadcast daily at 9:00 pm by Rede Aleluia radio in Brazil. In the U.S you can tune into iHope Radio 104.5FM, a local radio station or visit and tune into the Beyond the Bars which airs on weekdays 9pm-10pm with host Chaplain Quincy and Pastor Natanael.

Beyond The Bars, Radio Program shares a word of encouragement and restoration to those who are incarcerated and their families.


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