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40-Day Journey of Faith3 min read

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faith, universal church, 40 days, life transformationThe number 40 represents the time needed for a spiritual preparation for a new mission or a life changing event that will take place. The person commits this period to fasting and prayer to strengthen their spirit to be ready for the new event that will happen in their lives. For example, the Lord Jesus only began His ministry after fasting and praying for 40 days of faith.

The number 40 appears in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament of the Holy Scriptures. Let’s see some examples:

• During 40 days and 40 nights, it rained during the Great Flood. (Genesis 7:4-12)
• During 40 days and 40 nights, Moses stayed on Mount Sinai in the presence of God. (Exodus 24:18)
• During 40 years, the people of Israel journeyed through the desert. (Numbers 32:13)
• During 40 days and 40 nights, Elijah walked to the mountain of God. (I Kings 19:8)
• During 40 days, the giant Goliath insulted the children of Israel. (1 Samuel 17:16)
• Jesus fasted for 40 days before starting His ministry. (Matthew 4:2)
• Jesus ascended to Heaven 40 days after His resurrection. (Acts 1:3)

Through the 40-day journey, extraordinary results happened:

• The sea opened.
• Water came out of the rock.
• Fire fell from the sky.
• God descended on Mount Sinai.
• The small David defeated the giant.
• The sick were healed by the touching of the hand and even by the shadow of Jesus and later His disciples.
• Demons were cast out, and dead people resurrected.
• The multiplication of bread and fish.

40 days of faith

In this 40-Day Journey of Faith, supernatural things will happen in the lives of those who believe.

For this reason, from November 9th to December 18th, we will engage in this 40 days of faith to break into the New Year for an extraordinary new beginning.

A journey has the purpose of transporting a person to a new place, to a new beginning. This specific 40-day journey has the purpose of taking you out of the stagnation you are in in all the areas of your life to where God intends for you to be. Through this journey, you will find inner healing, salvation, communion with God, peace, the restoration of your family, the reconstruction of your dreams. At the end of this journey, as you practice each step with faith, you will become a new person with a new vision and direction in life.

Join us on Sunday at 10 am at The Universal Church near you, where you will learn more about this 40-day journey. Starting on November 9th, each of our locations will have meetings dedicated for this purpose that you can attend weekly on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You will be given a daily step of faith to take, as well as messages and prayers to bless your life. One on one counseling will also be available. All are welcome to participate regardless of religion. There is no charge to attend, and free childcare will be provided.

You can visit Bishop Bira’s official Youtube channel and watch the daily messages that will be posted there. You can also find more information and daily messages here on our official website  and our online radio .

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