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The 21 Days Fast of Daniel1 min read

The 21 Days Fast of Daniel

Between May 19 and June 9, the purpose “Fasting of Daniel” will happen for the revival of the Holy Spirit. The closing will be on the day of Pentecost with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, straight from the Cenacle of Jerusalem.

What is the Fast of Daniel?

This special purpose is inspired by chapter 10 of the book of Daniel. He was a Hebrew prophet who lived in captivity in Babylon. In the meantime, Daniel has focused his attention on the Kingdom of Heaven. And for 21 days, he fasted to seek the presence of God.

So the goal of the ‘Fast of Daniel’ is to engage yourself exclusively with thoughts that see the Holy Spirit by letting go of secular information. Refrain from the contents of television, the internet, and other media that are not related to God. Nowadays, the majority of the news that we hear is negative. Let’s filter out all unnecessary activities, distractions, useless information, and focus on what matters; your mind and spirit.

During these 21 Days, you can join Bishop Bira for messages that will add to your journey in seeking the Holy Spirit. You may do so by participating in the prayer of the ‘Moment of the Holy Spirit’ on the Showdown of Faith which airs on BET Monday – Saturday 5 am (CT) 6 am ET
Sunday 5-7am (CT) 6-8 (ET) and Facebook.

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