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1st Water Baptism – Clemens Unit Trusty Camp1 min read

water baptism

24 men in the Clemens Unit Trusty Camp, did not think twice to leave their previous lifestyle behind.

“The first baptism of  many more to come” – Pr./Chaplain Quincy

In just a short period of time, the work of UBB is expanding in the Clemens Unit (address of Texas). Everyone who joins or takes part of the UBB goes through various steps of vetting before reaching out to men/women in detention centers.

UBB volunteers provide proper counseling and encouragement to men/women that are excluded from society to become spiritually free with a new attitude and a different perspective on life. Although these men face difficult challenges on a day-to-day basis, nothing impeded them from taking a courageous decision of faith and vow to leave their old mindset and habits behind.

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