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12 Pastors and their wives unite to bless all the couples1 min read

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Blessing the couples

12 pastors and their wives united at our Houston location to bless the love life of all the congregants and new comers for the Love Therapy.

A curse is a strong word that generally people associate it with something old fashioned or superstitious. No one want’s to think or admit that they have a curse in their love life. However, when you see a pattern that keeps happening throughout your family generation, it’s hard to ignore.

“The sooner you admit and understand there is a curse at work, the sooner you will start to work to cut it off, the sooner you’ll be free and find happiness in life”. – Pastor Fernando

The twelve pastors passed the blessing that they have in their family for everyone that was present, followed by a strong testimony from Shytia, a pastors wife. Shytia shared with everyone what led her to believe there was a curse at work in her family’s love life for generations.

“All of the women in my family were abused for over 4 generations in their love lives; physically, emotionally and verbally” – Shytia

After attending the Friday services, and using her faith Shytia started to see the changes in her family.


“There is no longer abuse in the family, everyone is getting married and so is my grandmother that is now 67 years old. All the men that were abusive are no longer the same, and I’m happily married for 2 years now” – Shytia

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