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What should a woman expect from her companion?4 min read

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Have you who are dating or married hoped that one day your beloved would treat you to a day of a princess, offering all the pampering you deserve? Or that in every Valentine’s Day and anniversary, he would surprise you with a candlelight dinner, love letters, or a shower of rose petals? Would these be true expressions of love? what should a woman expect from a man?

If this is what you expect in order to believe in his love, certainly you have felt frustrated with your relationship. For quite a while, you have fed this expectation of receiving these things, and since it does not happen, you become sad, you call him insensitive, you think that he does not care and only makes more and more demands.

In part, this is the Media’s fault. Through its movies, soap operas, and commercials, the Media industry has planted the wrong idea of an ideal relationship and promoted a false romanticism, which is the opposite of the reality of couples. Of course, living wonderful moments is great, but the relationship cannot be based only on this.

For this reason, we listed some essential qualities that a man should have to please a woman. These traits have nothing to do with Hollywood movies. If you are single, these descriptions will help you to identify what to seek in your future companion. Ready to find what should a woman expect from a man?

He transmits security

This quality has more to do with his character than with financial stability. A woman must expect her companion to be defined and honest, someone who fulfills what he promises and always speaks the truth. For example, if he took long to arrive home because of being with his friends but tells you he worked extra hours instead to avoid arguments, this is enough reason to shake the trust. If he lied about something so small, how could you know if he is speaking the truth in other situations? For this reason, be very careful in this aspect. Consider well if it is worth living next to a liar for the rest of your life.

He values you

A woman needs to feel appreciated. In small gestures, the man can demonstrate his appreciation of her: with sincere compliments, especially in front of other people. He can also show appreciation through demonstrations of care such as when she is sick or when by helping with the household chores and with the children.

He’s Caring

The woman is naturally more emotional and needs the attention of her partner. She also tends to give more of herself to the person she loves, and she expects to receive in return. When your partner asks how you are, when he cares about your work and shows a willingness to help you achieve your dreams, he’s demonstrating companionship. Also, with simple caresses, he reveals his love: a caring touch on the face, a goodbye kiss, walking hand in hand, are some examples. Appreciate these small gestures.

He’s a good Listener

A woman has the need to talk about her day and problems; she needs to express her feelings more than men do. Therefore, she needs to know that he is willing to listen to her. If he gives you this attention even after a day of work, see this as a demonstration of love. If he has difficulties in practicing this, be patient and don’t be insistently demanding it from him. At a good time, talk about it, ask for him to be more considerate and also learn to give him some space. Offer your company, even if it is to remain silent watching his favorite TV show. By doing so, you also show your love and consideration for him.

He takes the initiative

The woman needs a leader, someone responsible, who takes charge in any situation. If your partner already has this quality, make it clear that you admire this in him. If not, allow him to have opportunities to be responsible. Proactivity is a characteristic of the woman; but by being like this, sometimes she does not let him take action, and eventually, he becomes relaxed and accustomed to it.

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