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Someone believes in them3 min read

Someone believes in them3 min read

They are orphans, but they are not alone. The children and teenagers of the Mriya Pereiaslav Orphanage, in Kiev, Ukraine, received on July 7th the visit of volunteers of The Universal Church, who have shown that they will not measure efforts to bring joy to those in need.

The Universal Church in Ukraine is constantly doing social projects in orphanages, hospitals and nursing homes as well as house visits, with the objective of evangelizing and providing for the material and spiritual needs of the people in the community. It seeks to fulfill its mission: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16.15)

The volunteers took advantage of the summer season and prepared outdoor activities for the residents of the orphanage. Other than preparing a picnic in which they prayed together for the lives of each child and teenager, they also prepared fun activities and games for the kids. The orphanage received donations of clothing, food, toys and personal hygiene products.

“The objective of our visit was not to provide only joy and some moments of fun, but to share the teachings that will remain planted inside of each one of them,” explains Pastor Gilcimar Taborda, who is responsible for the work of evangelism in Ukraine.

The Universal Church has been present in the country since 2006, and it takes the Word of God to the community through social projects, TV programs and the work of groups such as Caleb, Children’s Biblical Center, Evangelism Group, Youth Power Group (Europe), TF Teen (PT Force) and the group of Assistants.

Overcoming fear

The young Tanya Ponomorenko, 14, already knows very well the pain that life can bring as well as the comfort that only faith can provide. While still very young, she had low self-esteem that caused her to be extremely shy, closed to the world, sad and fearful. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her mother, who fell ill and did not resist.

“After my mother’s death, my brother and I went to live in the orphanage. I had a deep sadness inside of me. One day, when the volunteers of The Universal Church visited the orphanage, I spoke with one of them; she shared the Word of God and it stayed as if engraved inside of me.”

Tanya moved to live with her father and stepmother shortly after. She received an invitation from the same volunteer she met at the orphanage and decided to visit the church. There, she learned to reflect on the person she was before the people around her and before God. She learned to value herself and recovered her self-esteem by following the guidance she received in the church. She began to use her faith and to believe in herself and in God.

“Now I no longer have fears and complexes. Today I am able to talk to my friends; I have joy and trust. I overcame my fears,” Tanya concludes.

See below pictures of this special project in Ukraine. If you would like to know more about a church volunteer group, feel free to contact us or visit The Universal Church nearest you.

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