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30 daily habits to a healthy & happy living1 min read

30 daily habits to a healthy & happy living

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1.    Look forward
2.    Meditate on the Word of God in the morning
3.    Sleep at least 7 hours per day
4.    Read blogs that will add to your life
5.    Look after your health
6.    Have good eyes, thoughts and speech
7.    Make a difference in someone’s life
8.    Look forward
9.    Eat well and in small amounts every three hours
10.   Smile
11.    Talk to God
12.    Make your home a little piece of heaven
13.    Have some alone time
14.    Listen more, talk less
15.    Share things that edify, ignore what doesn’t matter
16.    Don’t leave things for later
17.    Don’t get tired of doing good
18.    Trust God
19.    Look forward
20.    Exercise – even if it is just walking
21.    Be clean in everything
22.    Be attentive
23.    Compliment people
24.    Think about doing more
25.    Be different
26.    Believe
27.    Manage to finish something
28.    Plan out each day
29.    Go to sleep with a clean conscience
30.    Look forward

– Cristiane Cardoso

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