Christian education for children – CBC USA

 Children Biblical Center



Our Aim:

Our Aim is to bring Christian education for children in a dynamic and attractive way, as well as to support and give guidance to parents and guardians on how to educate their children in the ways of God.

Our Vision:

Contrary to what many people think, the CBC USA is much more than a place where children and pre-teens stay while parents are attending the services. We aim to train a generation aware of their values, responsibilities and empower children to exercise their role as Christians in society fulfilling God’s purpose, expanding His Kingdom through Christian education for children. We also work in partnership with parents, promoting their children’s education in a spiritual way.

Together we are stronger”

Biblical Children Volunteers:

To do the work of Christian education for children, the CBC counts on the support of our volunteers that with commitment and dedication have brought the Word of God to children. Meetings and workshops are held periodically for volunteers, in order to educationally instruct them, consecrate them spiritually, share tips and give guidance on how to teach kids the Word of God in an innovative way.

*Bring your children every Sunday at 10 am to The Universal Church nearest you.